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3311 Laser problem or AOM or a Software bug


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I have a friend with a 3311 that has these green lines speradically, sometimes all day and sometimes just a few a day.

We suspect that the laser is aged and need replacement. It does it both on prints from film, color and BW, as well as prints from digital files. It happenes much less from digital files han prints from film in general. 


It happens across the board in all channels, 4x, 5x and 8x in all paper surfaces.72799054520__C7DB432D-55E9-40E0-A779-F76D54251E44(1).jpg.e4df5db8f26f16943929fecc6cf50140.jpg


Any help is appreciated.

Best Regards



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AOM driver - swap with other channel, which works. For example B with G .
AOM crystals can be swapped also, but need disable laser unit and have experience to do it ( because need to make alignments ) 
QSS3311 laser board can be tested on QSS32, QSS33, or QSS34. Also can test your minilab with boards from these models.
Laser head need to change, or repair.

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Now all good and minilab prints well. Need test, when on prints have noise.

Swap AOM drivers and few times make daily setup ( until results will be good ) . If need make emulsion change ( for all other papers ) . Then print and can see if it change anything.

What is laser type? Can see it on software version check menu ( laser ) .

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-switched green aom with red

-cleaned a lot of dust around AOMs and laser , fans etc

-tightened one loose screw holding down the green aom, now red aom sitting in its place

-reseated many connectors 

-reseated the other end of the AOMs cables on the board

-found a big old and rusty paper clip inside the drive-s compartment 


-run light source, morning setup, emulsion etc

-programmed magazine registration

-programmed many print chanells 

-but the green lines never came back

-no red lines either (switching AOMs expecting faulty AOMs)

-printed many 4x 5x and 8x with no green lines and if this holds up for a few days I think that the issue is solved, how ? I don’t know but I thinks it can be a combination of dusting, reseating and tightening of the AOMs screw could have done it.

I will keep you updated 

many thanks



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The latest system software is 8.00 ( your 7.00 ) and profile data 7.20 ( your is 6.54 ) .
Your software is quite new. After version 7.00 ( 7.02 ) I saw only 8.00
Profile data quite old. Between 6.54 and 7.20 are 20 - 30 versions. Anyway if on old profiles you see your paper then you can leave it. On new profile data added more papers. Also some older paper profiles might be updated.

On your minilab - Ff type laser unit. Green laser head - the same as it is on B1 type laser units. Blue laser head is different - HK-9356-01 .

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