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Spares new for Dlabs on Stock


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I have some parts for dlabs to sell. See the list:



1x 90P SSR P5A-F1426

1x GS Switching Gear L8.8060.2070.2

1x Timer Karte Dlab V3

1x 90P CNR P5A-F1430

1x 90P CPU P5A-F1481

2x Stepper Controller Dlab1 Exposure L7.4140.2672.1





3x Viptronic Dens LED 10 7048613721 with sensor bracket




20x Roller belt unit Dlab 2/3 Small CM+ 9.8060.PECB2 new version black

32x Roller belt unit Dlab 2/3 gross  CM+ 9.8060.PECB1 new version black



20x Laufrollen Riemengruppe Dlab 2/3 klein CM+ 9.8060.PECB2 neue Version schwarz
32x Laufrollen Riemengruppe Dlab 2/3 gross  CM+ 9.8060.PECB1 neue Version schwarz  





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