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FujiFrontier 7200 - new owner, help needed

Liviu Georgescu

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Hello all,

This is my first post here, glad to meet you all. Long story short I am an event photographer and my dream was to own a wetlab from Fuji or Noritsu. I would of dream at a 570 or a 7500 series, unfortunatelly I do not have the space (normal door) to store such a unit at this time. I figured it out that a 7200 would be a good place to start and understand these machines which is the main issue I have, never ever worked with something like this. 

The reson of this post is to find out if somebody have/sells comprehensive user and service manuals. I need detailed information on maintaining and operating the machine, tomorrow it should reach me and I am pretty sure the seller will give me basic information, but, too my eyes, he doesn't know much either...

So please, if you were in my shoes some advices would be of help and if you can provide the manuals for this would be even better. I am located in Europe in Romania.


Thank you,

Liviu Georgescu

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