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Solution remains fuji-570 minilab


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So I have a lp5500 aka frontier 550, when it mixes chemicals it washes out only 2 of the 3 chemical holders in the cart.  It then claims "solution remains" becuase the sensor of the tank that didnt get wash was not activated because the wash did not happen in that chemical part of the cartrige.  


Things tried,  cleaning , the entire area where cartrige is housed.

2.) replaced the water valve solonoids on both the front and side of the machine. 


I can't think of what else it could be any ideas?


Also this same machine says "evaporation correction" despite this feature being turned OFF. 



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Need more information: Please post the "Processor Input Check". Forget about "Control Board".

Drain all replenisher tanks, keep solution.

Check sensors by filling up tanks with water.

Fill empty cartridge with water and one FSC tablet each. 

Start mixing process manually,

After abortion of mixing process send pictures of "Processor Input Check"


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So I did that and all are full except for the one who wont wash. 



                   P1R DETECT BOTH 

                    P2RA  DETECT ONLY LOWER 

                   P2RB DETECT BOTH 


Both means detection of fluid in lower and upper sensors. 


What is happening is that the p2RA is not washing out after puncture box operation is complete.


I have replaced the solenoids and all the Replenisher  sensors thinking that would help but not


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