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Fujifilm LP7200 error No. 06082-00512 - Clean the calibration plate

Liviu Georgescu

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Hello, I am a new owner of a used LP7200. The lab came with raster paper loaded into it and today I ordered and loaded into unit some Fujifilm glossy paper Fuji Digital DPII Glossy. I set the jumpers on the paper magazine to glossy which is defined on my lab as type 1. When the color calibration occurs (grayscale strips) the print is a little bit dark then the raster and black has a blue/magenta tint and after scaning it the lab says Error No 06082-00512. Setup error. Clean the calibration plate and perform the setup again. I cleaned the plate, still the same error. Loaded also some new Fuji Crystal Archive paper raster, the lab calibrated in 3 tries with no error. Do you have any ideea how to overcome this issue? Also, would be of a great help if someone can advise where I can purchase a new plate hence this one has some marks on it, it worked for luster with no problem, but want to be sure I have a back up one in case of failure. 

Thank you!

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This happens only with this type of paper, Digital DPii Glossy, the raster crystal archive gives no errors. I looked on service manual and calibrated the color in the Laser Setup menu. Here after 3 tries the black got decent but some gray shades in the beggining where a little blueish to my eye. After this calibration it gave decent results when printing a photo, but in the simple calibration that the machine makes when it starts still give same error. 

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Here is not error. Here just message, that Blue level is incorrect. You didn't write maximal and minimal measurement results, so can't say what is wrong.

Black color is fogged paper, which run through chemicals. If instead Black you see Blue then your working tank CD was mixed incorrectly, or it was contaminated.

D Max on papers are different. For Crystal Archive paper is enough to reach 2.0 , when on professional papers it should be about 2.5 . It is more difficult to reach it.

Try to make CD stronger. When CD is too weak one paper can be processed well, but on other papers instead of Black can be Blue.  If it will not help then in working tank you need mix new CD ( concentrated CD + water + starter ) .

Check replenishment rates. Replenishment rates depend on cartridge ( standard, or LR ) . If you print not much then slightly increase replenishment rates. Calibrate replenishment pumps.

What are your Fuji printer and MS01 versions? When you have Fuji minilab made by Noritsu I recommend to install Noritsu software. Then you have QSS3502 F PLUS . On computer can be W10 64 bit, or W11. The latest software - EZ controller 8.10 , QSS Printer 19.30, profile data 4.82 . Also can install many optional modules. If want I can help convert LP7200 into QSS3502 F PLUS. All can do online. Write private message if need a help.

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