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Epson order controller


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Hello everyone.

I have a couple of questions about software, specifically about Epson Order Controller. I hope you can help me further. The first is an error message we often encounter with multiple versions of Order Controller. It has to do with a "red cross" we get at the order line, as seen in the screenshot (is from version 3.5). The software indicates that there is an error file in the order, but that is not the case. The error is also completely random. We mostly encounter the error when printing large orders, more than 150 photos. This means that I always have to split orders of more than 150 pieces into chunks in Order Controller. For example, we print daily orders of more than 150 photos in one order, which we then have to split into mutable order lines of 150 photos max. Even then, the error occurs regularly. This is super annoying. Especially considering what Epson asks for Order Controller licenses, you wouldn't expect this. I have the software installed on 3 PCs, 2 slightly older ones and 1 very powerful PC that I use for video editing, which has more than enough computing power. So, I don't believe the error is caused by that because the error also occurs on this PC. I have tested it with several versions of Order Controller from 3.5, 3.6, and the most recent one I have, 3.7; the error occurs in all 3 versions. Also, the type of printers doesn't matter; I have encountered the error with my D700's (1 still in use), D800's (10 in use), and the D1000's (2 in use). Who can help me further in resolving this, because I'm not getting anywhere with Epson.

Now, my second, perhaps shorter question. Where can I simply download the latest versions of Order Controller myself? Currently, I have to ask my Epson dealer for the latest version each time, and that's inconvenient.


I hope you can help me further. Has anyone else experienced these problems?

Capture oder controller.JPG

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The latest which I saw Order Controller 3.7.2 and Order Controller LE 3.7.3. LE ( light edition ) is to connect only one printer and supported only few models.

System software SL-D700 version 3.9.0 ,  SL-D800 version 1.2.0 , SL-D1000 version 1.4.0 .

Software can be downloaded from Epson. Also can use Epson Software updater ( version ) and Epson Web Installer.

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Hi, thanks for your response. The latest version of Order Controller I have is indeed 3.7.2. All drivers are the latest versions available, but the problem persists. In fact, I've had this issue ever since we started using Order Controller, and newer drivers or versions have never been able to solve it. I've also tried it on multiple PCs by now, but that hasn't helped either. Even distributing the printers, previously there were 8 connected to one PC, now 2 per PC, didn't help.

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