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chemistry RA4 QSS 3701HD

idboulkacem yassin

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How to mix you can see on bottles.

Fujihunt Enviroprint developer replenisher MP160 :
To make 1L solution for WORKING tank you need 220 mL of water, 700 mL developer and 80 mL of starter . Standard QSS 3701HD CD working tank capacity - 20.0 L
To make 1L solution for REPLENISHMENT tank need 0.8L of water and 0.2L of developer. Standard QSS 3701HD CD replenishment tank capacity - 11.0 L

Enviroprint bleach fix & replenisher :
To make 1L solution for WORKING tank you need 760 mL of water, 120 mL part A and 120 mL part B . Standard QSS 3701HD BF working tank capacity - 20.4 L
The same formula to make bleach - fix for BF replenishment tank. Standard QSS 3701HD BF replenishment tank capacity - 11.0 L

Also need to make stabilizer. How to make depends on chemicals you use.
Standard QSS 3701HD STB working tank capacity - 49.7 L
Standard QSS 3701HD STB replenishment tank capacity - 11.0 L

On processor settings enter correct replenishment rates and temperatures. Also calibrate replenishment pumps and temperature sensors.

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