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farid bounechada

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Didn't say hello, do not see question, didn't write minilab model and anything else. Why we have to write an answer when you didn't write anything?

Here is LP5700, or similar printer. W-2696 means switching operation in feed lane(S770/D776) abnormal. Abnormal operation of the feeding path switching guide is detected.

Error can cause :
Foreign matter such as jammed paper in the feeding path switching guide section
Incorrectly positioned solenoid (Solenoid dog does not reach the sensor.)
Poorly connected or broken harness - the sorter tray section solenoid (S770) and the PDB11 on the PDB23 circuit board, the feeding path switch position sensor (D776) and the JNE3 on the JNE23 circuit board, the PDB1 on the PDB23 circuit board and the CTL12 on the CTL23 circuit board, the JNE1 on the JNE23 circuit board and the CTL10 on the CTL23 circuit board.
Faulty S770
Faulty D776
Faulty PDB23 circuit board
Faulty CTL23 circuit board

Remove foreign matter ( if it is there ) . Clean sensor.
Go to output check and test solenoid
Go to input check and test sensor ( look changes, when sensor opened and closed )
Check all connections.
With multimeter check sensor voltage and output level ( when sensor opened and closed )
With multimeter check voltage on solenoid. Disconnect solenoid and check resistance.

If all good, but still have error then need change PDB23, or CTL23 ( depends what doesn't work - solenoid, or sensor ) .


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