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Please can someone help me with the procedure to reset IMAGE PROCESSING PCB NORITSU 3011.

I have tried 3 different boards and I have this performance in each of them, I want to test if by resetting the one that performs best I can recover it.

IMAGE 1 shows a BOARD that has a normal start, but then LEDs 7 and 8 turn off and the error appears IMAGE 2

IMAGE 3 shows a BOARD that has a normal start, but then LEDs 3 and 4 remain off and the error appears IN IMAGE 2

IMAGE 4 shows a BOARD that has a normal start, its operation is normal until the print order is given since it takes a while and then the LEDs turn off



IMAGE 1.jpg

IMAGE 2.jpg

IMAGE 3.jpg

IMAGE 4.jpg

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Ignore message above. This board doesn't have any optical cables at all. Here to control board used cable with connector which is similar with connector, which you have on landline telephone.

6901-0080 you see when no response from image processing pcb. It can be when connector is disconnected, or board doesn't work.

On your screenshots image processing pcb LEDs  flash incorrectly. Can be three reasons :
Bad power suppliers ( 5V, or 3.3V ) . Can be incorrect voltages ( too low, or too high ) . Also can be that one power supply voltage is unstable, or have a noise.
Bad or wrong connected RAM module. RAM modules can be tested on QSS30 computer ( if computer is original ) .
All image processing pcb's are not working. Do not think, that three boards can be faulty.

LED's on pcb should light the same. Just enough connect power suppliers. One LED section should be light and flash. Other section - should light on in sequence ( binary code ) .

What should be LEDs status you can see on service manual.
Because three boards do not work I think 3.3V, or 5V power supply is faulty. Try replace them.

First test without digital ice pcb. When this board is faulty image processing board can't work properly.

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