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Print from Media greyed on FE software


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Good day everyone

I am facing the above problem when I reinstalled S2 software to connect to Frontier 500 minilab. Network Lan driver is installed well, IP address on minilab is and IP on DICII PC is .Subnet masks for both are  If I ping minilab continuously on DICII packets are sending and receiving well . I have registered the minilab in Printer maintenance. Note that I have reinstalled S2 several times without luck on this problem.

What else that I could have checked to solve this issue?

Thank you for assisting

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I haven't used that software for a long time, but it looked to me as if it had switched to STAND ALONE mode of operation.

The best solution would be (if you have done it through Ghost or another program) to restore the image of disks C and immediately afterwards D.

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