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01324-0000 Scanner Calibration was not completed correctly (Issues on lane 135)


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A short history, a couple of months ago I acquired this 2nd hand LS-600. Scanning for both 135 and 240 was working, except the infrared. When I turned on the scanner and the software I always got the error "06322-00004 Scanner Input Balance Error", ignoring it, I could continue and scan. (See also included image 01 with error).

When I turned ICE/IR on, then strange black fields and such on the scans. Disabling it delivered the scans (but of course, to much dust). My thought were "IR led issues". (See also included image 02 with the graph)

I wanted to have it fixed, so I brought the scanner to a firm in Germany. They checked everything and their conclusion was "probably IR led or communication between scanner and IR" . They told us they couldn't check, since they were unable to scan at all. Which is strange, since we were able to scan beforehand. So, we took the scanner back.

Back at home, when starting everything I got a new error "01324-0000 Scanner Calibration was not completed correctly" (see image 03), which was new for me. Manually calibrating the lanes only works for the 240 lane. The 135 keeps getting the error (see image 04). 

Hope anyone can help me on this. I am a complete novice, so any detailed help is much appreciated. 

Note: I am living in the Netherlands. So, a person/company nearby who could help on correcting/fixing would be welcome!





01 - 06322-00004 Scanner Input Balance Error - Okt 2023.jpg02 - LED Graphs - Okt 2023.jpg03 - 01324-00000 - Scanner Calibration not completed correctly - Feb 2024.jpg04 - Calibration Error - 135 - Feb 2024.jpg

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06332-00004 means Light Source adjustment error - the number of CCD loaded pixels decreases due to dust, incorrect attachment of AFCs, or problematic light axis.
01324-00000 - means scanner calibration was not performed.

Do not see IR. Open scanner cover and on sensor put magnet. Then instead of "All ON" select only IR. Look through mobile camera to the LED do you see IR light. To make sure you can select "All OFF" and "IR" ( in sequence ) . Then IR light should turn ON and OFF. 

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