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Fuji Frontier SP3000 - Scanned Image Count


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Hi Guys,

I have the opportunity to buy a used Frontier SP3000 with another (broken) one for spares. The seller claimes that both are working, if you swap the image box from the working one to the broken one.

Apparently the working scanner has an count of 100 000 images scanned and the broken one has a count of 1 000 000 images scanned.

Are those numbers high? How many more scans can I expect to be able to do?


Cheers Rhett

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Scanner can use as long as it works. Mainly on SP3000 stop to work :
Computer motherboard.
Power supply ( it is very big and expensive )
Image box boards, or RAM
CCD unit ( CCD23 )

Any computer where can run Windows 2000 PRO can use on SP3000.
Power supply can be repaired.
If faulty image processing box boards ( GPA23 , GIA23, GMB23 and two RAM modules ) need replace them. If scanner has two GPA23 boards and one doesn't work then one board can be removed ( because second is optional ) . On  image box used older server RAM modules. Only few RAM models can be used here. 
If faulty CCD23 - need replace it.
Image processing boards and CCD unit - very expensive.

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Thanks, I appreciate your answer :) hopefully parts shouldn't be too expensive since I would have a spare unit for parts.

Just asking from your experience, are 100 000 scans a lot on these machines? Or are they easily capable of handling a lot more before they start breaking etc?

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