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There are three MSP48 versions :
MSP48 version . It was released with MS01 3.1 ( for XP )
MSP48 version . It was released with MS01 4.2 ( for W7 32 bit ) 
MSP48 version . It was released with MS01 10.0 ( for W10 64 bit ) .

With Fuji DL650 on W10 64 bit instead of MSP47 version 10.0 I used version 3.1 and it worked perfectly.
It is possible to get MSP48 version 10, but it is quite expensive. Try to use MSP48 version 3.1 . Might be it works also. Instillation run even without compatibility mode. Can try install without compatibility if will not work - try Windows compatibility mode  ( for setup.exe ) with XP SP2. 

First install MS01 and DX-100 maintenance utility.  Install driver and add printer on maintenance utility. Run computer from Acronis Boot CD and make C and D partition image files ( store image file on on partition E, or external HD  ) . Then can try install MSP48. If will not work you easy can return. 

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