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Paper advance unit !? noise...


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Hi, can anyone tell me where is this sound coming from when you run order !? I think is coming from the paper advance unit (something around elevator when it goes up and down)...it doesn't matter if you have 1 pic or more it does every time, try other paper magazine same noise. I attached a recording the strange sound start at second 2 , 4 at 5, 6 is louder and again at 10, 11 and again louder at second 13. (5 second interval between ).

Can someone provide me with some suggestion where to look at or what produce that sound (which part of it ) ? Or something else produce that sound ?


Thanks !

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It sounds pretty normal to me.
It just sounds like the noise of the stepper motors moving at different speeds.
Try printing with the grey door open (Put a magnet on the sensor) that way you can see what is happening.

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