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Fuji DX100 Printer Blinking lights after printhead cleaning


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Ok, I'm at a loss. I had to clean the print head on my Fuji DX100 printer manually which I did as it the yellow was only partially working and would not unclog
with the software based cleaning. I had to do it several times which incrementally the yellow got better. However after I really cleaned out the printhead with directions I found here. The printer is now acting funny. Sounds like it wants to start up and has rapid blinking leds. I double checked to make sure everything is seated correctly with the printhead but nothing has changed I have attached a short video showing what the printed is doing. Any help would be greatly appreciated..

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Thanks for your reply. The printer utility says the printer is disconnected from my Mac. also the printhead track is not locked and can be slid back and forth. I double checked the ribbon cables around the printhead (the only area worked on) and everything appears to be intact. Which Panda software are you referring too?

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Panda is part of Fuji MS01 software. It is for Windows. Probably you have not it.

If you do not see printer connected then no communication between computer and printer main board. Check main board power supply, USB cable and computer. If all good, but do not see printer on device manager then main board is faulty. 

If missing Yellow probably need to clean dumper. Often it is dirty and has dried ink :


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Thanks for the info! I checked on a windows computer, changed the USB and same thing. Printer listed as disconnected. What I don't understand is nothing else was touched besides the printhead. Even inside the printer the less are blinking. Kinda sounds like a car that wants to start but doesn't have enough battery power. This part happened suddenly as the printer was powering up and working except for the yellow in the prints. How can I check to see if the boards are good with out actually replacing them. Would the DX100 service program (If I had it, which I don't) be able to connect? 

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DX100 main board has only one power supply - 42V on connector CN1 . Check what you have there.

Take any computer with Windows. Open device manager. Then power ON printer and connect USB cable. Device manager should "blink" . After that computer should find new equipment and offer to install driver.

If device manager will not "blink" do not think, that service software help you. 


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