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QSS3501 B Laser Control Error (6074-0008)


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Greetings everyone!

I recently purchased a 3501 from a dealer that I later discovered was less than reputable, and have been having issues ever since receiving it.

After resolving most of the problems, I’m still getting a 6074-0008 B laser control error.  I’ve sent the laser back and had it reworked, swapped AOM’s several times and changed out the laser control board several times but I’m still getting the 6074-0008.  I have tried resetting the Blue laser also, but that did no good.

I am also very unfamiliar with working on electronics at this level so the manuals are somewhat difficult for me to follow.  

I would really appreciate any suggestions on what to check next and how to check it.  I’m desperate to get this machine up and running!  Thanks and also my apologies in advance for my ignorance! 

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6074-0008 means although three minutes has passed after the B laser turned on, tuning of the laser does not start.
If  you have 6074-0008 that means your B laser head is faulty. You see this error, when from laser driver goes out incorrect signal. Need replace laser head.
Here you have fR type laser unit. B laser head - Shimadzu HK-9356-01 . Also can use Showa laser head JMB-D, but with different laser driver ( J391231 instead of J391160 ) .
Laser heads can find on disassembled QSS32, QSS33, QSS34 minilabs.
All laser heads which I saw online are fake ( made in China ) . Unsuccessful experience to use one of them you can see here :
He had return fake laser head to seller. Problem was solved, when I repaired original laser head.

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Ok, I contacted my seller and he is talking to whoever serviced the laser.  They wanted me to take pictures of the connectors on the driver board and video the machine turning on until the error pops up for some reason.  I'm trying to get them to deal with this issue.

Hopefully I will get this fixed soon.  Thanks so much for your response.

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