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Chemical Replacement CP-49E questions Fuji/Calbe

Liviu Georgescu

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Hello, I want to replace the chemicals in my Lab (Fuji7200) hence the printer cannot calibrate itself anymore. Under this circumstances I checked first the service manual. While they are not saying too much details about this process, I have a PDF file on how to prepare the solution. Basically mix the 2 chemicals A+B with water for each P1 and P2. I searched the forum and alot of people are taking about a starter to be mixed I could not find anything about this. From the manual it says like this:

1. Put 7 litters of water in the mixing tank.
2. Add 3 bottles (each for making 3.7 liters of solution) of P1 A of CP-49E to
the mixing tank.
3. Add 3 bottles (each for making 3.7 liters of solution) of P1 B of CP-49E to
the mixing tank.
4. Add water (about 1.8 liters) to the mixing tank so that the total amount of
the mixed solution in the mixing tank is 11 liters, then, agitate the solution
for 1 to 2 minutes.
5. Pour 8.5 liters of the contents of the mixing tank into the P1 processing
tank. (Put the rest of the contents in the W1 effluent tank.)

Is there anything else Is hould take into consideration? 

Also, I have other question about the type of chemicals used. Local dealer here in Romania only sells Calbe Chemicals for this type of printer. While Fuji recomends FJ CP49E especially for low volume printing. I have very low volumes, would it be more appropriate to use Fuji ones? Calbe is cheapr. I understand that no matter the chemicals if you do not print enough the solution will degrade, still if Fuji have some advantage I will tend to find the original. 

Hence I will drain all the chemicals from the unit, wil lbe a good time to clean also the bays wich stores the solution. Any advice on the detergent to be used or just water and cloth? Is there a order in wich to poor the solution? 

Also, I found no information on how to drain the chemicals, if there is a special procedure from this in the menu or I just turn off the printer and poor it out from the lower valves. ANy advice on this procedure would be of a great help.

Best regards!

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Yes, turn off minilab, open taps on the bottom and drain tanks.

CP49 is fast process. Can't use standard chemicals there. 

How to mix chemicals for working tanks can see on documents for chemicals. How to mix standard chemicals can see on CP-49E manual ( AF3-0208E3 ) . On the same document can see replenishment rates and temperatures.

There are cartridges CP-49E, CP-49LR, CP-49HV, CP-49HV-II . To use LR, or HV you have daily make many prints.

CP-49E startup kits can see here :


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