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trouble with connect Fuji sp3000 to server computer


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Hi everyone,

I've been having trouble connecting the SP3000 to the server computer, but so far, nothing has worked.

The scanner software version is 3.0-0c-490-0726 runs on windows 2000, and the server computer is DIC:3.0-0c-490-0726 runs on windows xp.

I've connected both computers via an ethernet cable and configured the IP addresses to and However, the scanner software still can't locate the server.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Ping to other computer. Start - Run . Then type ping -t  , or ping -t ( enter other computer IP ) . After that press Enter and make sure, that have no connection errors. 
Try access shared folders on other computer.

If network works then problem with software. Do not familiar with these versions. I think here is FE software, but not English ( where is 0E ) . Probably 0C is software in some other language. English FE software - on scanner S1 version 3.0-0E-511 and on server S2 version 3.0-0E-510 . Version numbers similar with your software.

Check computer names. On other computer Fuji software settings should be entered correct names. If all correct, but do not work - try reinstall server. Usually when no connection need re-install it. 

Before re-installing something make scanner backup ( Fuji maintenance menu ) . Also using Acronis boot CD make scanner and server HD image file. Image files can save on external HD with USB connector. 

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