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Noritsu no.880 sistem error


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I have a problem with noritsu qss2301. For 20 days the machine did not work and I lost all data from it. I have a service floppy and when I insert it into the floppy disc and turn on the machine on the main switch, it starts downloading data and works up to 100%. When he does that, he turns on error no.880 system error. I tried a couple of times and installed different versions of the program, but the same thing happens. Neither the keyboard nor the same thing works for me and I can't turn off error no.880. I need help how to solve it. Thank you.

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If you have software and backups you can try to make initialization, re-install software and load backup.

Power OFF minilab.
Set the dip switch as follows:
Turn DS1 to ON ( for 1 and 2 ) 
Turn DS2-1 to ON.
When the power is turned ON, RAM data in the main control P.C.B. is initialized.
Read the system program ( SYSTEM PROGRAM 1-A, SYSTEM PROGRAM 1-B, SYSTEM PROGRAM 2 ) . If have QSS2301 with CRT, HRCRT then will be SYSTEM PROGRAM 3. Need install software, which is for your minilab.
Turn the power OFF.
Turn DS2-1 OFF.
Power ON minilab
Read the floppy disk for data back-up.

If all that do not  work might be floppy disc is not readable. Test floppy disc on any computer, which has floppy drive. Try copy files from floppy to HD and make sure, that have no errors. 
Floppy discs with software should be bootable. Need create floppy disc from floppy image files. It is not enough just copy files and paste them on floppy.

One more possibility, that floppy drive doesn't work. On QSS2301 used older ( not standard ) floppy drive with one connector. It is NEC FD1138T floppy drive ( FD1138T-101, Noritsu part number I080015-00 ) .

On older QSF-V30 film processors used NEC FD1138T floppy drive ( FD1138T-101, Noritsu part number I080015-00 ) + cable ( Noritsu p.n. W403742-01 ) . Floppy drive with one connector.
On newer QSF-V30  processor used Teac FD-235HG ( FD-235HG-7466, Noritsu p.n. I110006-00 ) + cable ( Noritsu p.n. W440411-02 ) . Here standard floppy drive ( with two connectors ) .
You can compare old and new QSF-V30 diagrams. Then you can see how to modify cable and connect standard floppy drive to QSS2301 .

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I put in another board and when I put it in, my monitor doesn't turn on.  I don't know what to do next, and on this board of mine, the monitor turns on and starts loading data, and when it reaches 100%, it throws error no 880. I don't know what else to do.

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Turn DS2-1 to ON, insert SYSTEM PROGRAM 1-A floppy and power ON minilab. RAM data in the main control P.C.B. will be  initialized and 1-A will be installed. Then one by one install all other floppy ( 1-B, 2, if needed - 3 ) . Only then power OFF minilab.

Hope you did this way? If you didn't install all floppy then might be the reason why you see 808 error.

About software instillation read on CD with QSS2301 manuals ( service manual ) .

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I don't know why I can't do it.  I insert the floppy disk and switch to 1 and then turn on the machine from the back of the main switch.  ion starts charging from 0 to 100%.  It loads everything and then throws an error.  I put the second panel in and turned on the lights without turning on the monitor.  .  I don't believe that the floppy is defective when it reads everything.  I'm afraid that as soon as I put in a new board, I'll mess something up.  A new record will arrive tomorrow, so I'll try it.  Do you maybe have whats app so that when I offer it, you can be on the line.

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When first floppy loaded error shouldn't be. After that need insert second floppy ( 1-B ) and install it. After that need install all other floppies.

If can't install then can be not working main board, bad floppy, or bad floppy drive.

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