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Fujifilm FP-232B Replacement Chain


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Hello! The chain on my FP-232B has a few nearly broken links and was wondering if there is a general purpose replacement chain. I’ve looked into a few local places (motor shops, workshops, bike workshops, etc..) and none could find a suitable replacement. And I can’t seem to find a store on the internet with the specific part. The minilab is working as is but would like to replace it in the near future 


thank you! 


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Chain can try order from Fuji. It has Fuji part number 325G03104 .

Also can buy chain from company, which sells industrial chains. Just need to know one element exact dimensions and count how many elements there. 
Usually these chains sold in meters. Also you need to buy connector ( one element to connect chain ends ) . There are many chain makers - HENGJIU, HITACHI, IWIS, KATAYAMA, MISUMI, TSUBAKIMOTO, YHK and many others. I'm sure you find sellers in your country.

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