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Problem Norotsu qss2301


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I've been having problems with the noritsu qss2301 for the past few days. I lost all the data, so I was restoring the setup. The machine is currently working, but the belt conveyor motor and the solenoid motor in the dryer, which releases the image onto the bottom shelf, are not working. I checked the top three paper sensors in the dryer and they all register as working. I checked in the dryer and medium sensor for large images and it works. I checked fuse f11, f12, f13 and f14 and they are all correct. What should I pay attention to.

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Motors and other parts have numbers. Do not understand why you didn't write them.

Can tell only about conveyor motor ( M9 ) . Check do you have 24V between ground and motor connector ( J/P245 pin 2 ) .
If have 24V then need to check motor control.  Connect multimeter to motor connector ( J/P245 - between pin 1 and pin 2 ) .When you run motor should appear 24V . 

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Need motor number - not part number. Motor has label with motor number.

Conveyer motor has number M9 . Motor model DME44B6H-167 . Part number  I041717-00 . I already wrote how to test it.

W405158-01 is not a motor. It is solenoid unit. Dryer select flap solenoid has number SOL2 . Look do you have 24V on solenoid connector J/P411 between ground and contact 1 . 

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