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Help | The ms01 v10 is repeating the products when printing


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I recently purchased a fuji dx100 printer along with a PC with the ms01 software for windows 10 and I realized that when I print several products from the "quick print" or "variety" section, the number of products I chose is printed but only prints the last product repeatedly.
For example, if I choose three photos to create a product "id photo" for each one, when processing the order the product from the last photo is repeated three times.
This causes me to have to print the products one by one and not all at the same time, which is delayed and annoying.
In the attached photographs I show how I created the products and when printing in the print queue you can see how they are repeated


01-Loading images.jpg

02-Creating the products.jpg

03-print preview.jpg

04-Sended products.jpg

05-Last product repeated.jpg

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