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MS 10 On windows 11 pro


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Hi Friends, 

Can anybody tell me the proper Operating system version (windows10 and windows11) on which Ms01 version 10 can be installed. Sometimes on some windows10 releases(22H2) it works perfectly and sometimes it fails. Yesterday I tried to install it on a windows 11 Pro dell system(windows 11 Pro 23H2),all installation executed successfully, but finally the queue server didn't come online. Why this is happening. One of my friend installed MS10 on win11 23h2 successfully. What is the procedure to uninstall MS and do it again?

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Do not know what is your queue. Fuji software needs SQL server and it is installed with Fuji software. SQL start start and it should be working.

Print orders are on few MS01 elements. Do not know which of them didn't start. Try install new Windows and prepare computer for MS01 instillation. Then using Acronis Boot CD make partition with Windows image file. Then try install MS01 again. If something will not work you can restore Windows partition from image file, format partition D, and continue your experiments. You will not need to waste time for Windows reinstallation.

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Sorry for the late reply. The issue with Ms installation is that it works perfectly on Windows10 versions before 22h2,if we want to install it on version 22h2 and win11 , wee need to install it on older windows10 versions and then Os upgradation. The Digital Link Request spooler (simon) is not coming online in this case. Please note that , i have cross checked the pre-installation setting of the OS several times before installing MS (The same settings i am doing for win10 older versions on which Ms works perfectly).

also please note the attached screenshot where Digital Link Request spooler is offline status is visible


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