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FF SP3000 – Error E-P0-1815 / Multiple media output devices exist on the same workgroup


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Hey all –

I have 2x SP3000 running with the latest MS11 software.
DIC running with MS01 v4.2

1 – SP3000 (IP: / Name: EZPC00 / Workgroup: WORKGROUP)
2 – SP3000 (IP: / Name: EZPC01 / Workgroup: WORKGROUP)
3 – DIC (IP: / Name: ICIII / Workgroup: WORKGROUP)

I get error message E-P0-1815 – Multiple media output devices exist on the same workgroup.

I'm not sure how to fix this. Different names, different IPs, same workgroup.
Scanners are also input devices (to my undestanding). I don't have a minilab connected, no printer, just scanners.

Appreciate help or advice on how to fix this!

Thank you!

– Chris

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