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Fuji Frontier 570 Replenishment Pump Issue


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Hello all, 

I thank you in advance for taking the time to read this post. I have been experiencing an issue with my 570 where I am unable to run any pump output measurements [461]. The pumps are not working. 

Testing P1R,P2RA,P2RB,PS-R show no signs of life, when started, the test is confirmed on the machine, the beeps start and then the screen on the FMPC goes blank. When testing P1W, it shows an error “processing due to error occurrence.” - this error is not displayed for any other pumps, only P1W.

I have replaced PS1, and had PWR23,PDB23 and PS2 tested in another machine with no faults. 

The solenoids s720-s723 have been replaced. 

float sensors in replenishment and water tanks are functional. 

There was one day where the replenishment pumps came back to life and would not stop pumping, is this due to lack time from previous testing of pumps that were not executed? After the next power cycle, the pumps stopped working again. 

This issue has been going on for months with no obvious solution. In addition, the only abnormal behavior I have noticed is that the machine will power on by itself late in the night after it has been shut off. It will turn on for a couple minutes then power off. 

I appreciate any suggestions that may help resolve this issue with the rep pumps? I am able to send prints through with no issues, other than obviously replenishment issues. 

Thank you much. 

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The FMPC Is connected to a MS01 PIC Server with SP-500. FMPC is running Panda 3.0.0


Running DIC 2 Ver. 3.0-AE-822

S2 3.0-AE-822

S4 3.0 -0X-480

S30 3.0 -0E-141 

Printer is running Ver 2.5-0X-133

While I do not see the respective replenishment pumps in menu [46A], Menu [461] is now working... I honestly have no idea what was causing the issue. This printer has not been working for a while now.  In the past it was working for one day and not to the next. since then I have not been able to resolve the issue. The error causing all of the issues may have finally cleared.  I will post more updates soon. 



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You didn't write FMPC software name and version. On FMPC can be installed D20 software, S9 software, or MS01 Printer. Guess there MS01 Printer ( unknown version ) running on Windows XP.

On server you have installed MS01 software - unknown version ( 2.1, 2.5.5, 3.0, or 3.1 ) running on Windows XP.
Also on server installed unknown version MS11 for SP500 . S2 3.0-AE-822 , S4 3.0 -0X-480 and S30 3.0 -0E-141 - software for scanner ( not for server ) .
S2, S4 and S30 included on MS11 for SP500.
On your server MS11 for SP500 version is 1.0-0E-230 , 1.0-0E-240 , or 1.0-0E-300. On all them included S2 3.0-AE-822 , S4 3.0-0X-480 , S30 3.0-0E-141 . These versions for Windows XP. Newer MS11 versions have different S2 version ( 3.0-AJ-822 ) .

You can try to update printer firmware to version 3.0-0X-001 . The latest version for these minilabs is 3.0-0X-101 . 


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