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Hello everyone, hope you’re doing well 

I have a question please regarding this error msg “processing solution level too low” I check the maintenance screen, float switch are functioning well and I cleaned it. But still i get this msg. Anyone know perhaps what I should be looking at. Thanks so much350b4e5c-7c49-4619-8275-d6394472608c.thumb.jpeg.e21732553a8a27944bea336cde77897b.jpeg


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Your minilab is QSS3501F PLUS.

05508-00000 means the processing solution level detectors of the processing solution float switches (P1, P2 and PS) turned off.

One by one check where you have 24V :
PROCESSOR CONTROL PCB ( J391437 ) , connector J/P688 - pin 1, 2, or 3 ( 24V input from power supply )
PROCESSOR CONTROL PCB , fuse F17 ( on both sides )
PROCESSOR CONTROL PCB , test point +24V-1-6
P1 PROCESSING SOLUTION LEVEL SENSOR ( should be 24V on both sides )
P2 PROCESSING SOLUTION LEVEL SENSOR ( should be 24V on both sides )
PS4 PROCESSING SOLUTION LEVEL SENSOR ( should be 24V on both sides )

If in all points have 24V then look LED7 status on PROCESSOR RELAY PCB ( J391339 ) . It should be LIGHT .

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If LED7 is DARK then missing 24V on PS4 PROCESSING SOLUTION LEVEL SENSOR output. Trace all 24V circuit ( from power supply to PS4 sensor output ) and you can see where you have it and where it is missing. Can be faulty power supply, fuse, relay X2, or one of level sensors. 
LED9 is LIGHT so relay X2 should be ON. Measure 24V between minilab ground and points, which I wrote on previous post.

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