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Noritsu T15 solution temperatures


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There are 3 heaters on the T-15.

CD, BL (also heats the fixer) and STB.

The fixer always takes longer to heat as it is not heated directly, I tend to set it at 36 instead of 38.

If after 30 mins of heating, one of the tanks is at a much lower temperature, it will mean the heater has most likely gone in that tank.

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1 hour ago, Steven said:

The temperatures are: CD 25.3, Fix23.0, BL 23.0, STB 22.00. Going up very slowly

How long has the machine been heating up with the above temperatures?

How long does it take for the CD to get to 37.8 degrees?
And when it does get there, what is the BL and STB temperature displayed?

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4 hours ago, Steven said:

It's been running fine until two days ago. It isn't getting higher than above.

There could be a bad overheat sensor in one of the float switches, this will cut the power to the heaters. It would need the resistance of them checking.

I would also check if there is voltage going to the heaters and check the resistance of each heater to make sure it’s good.

I’m guessing you are not getting any error messages?

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26 minutes ago, Steven said:

Could it be the settings have been corrupted? I have tried to set them but it's behind a password which I don't have.

Unlikely to be corrupt settings.

The password is + - + - Yes

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4 hours ago, Steven said:

How do I test the float switches? What resistance should they be?

There are 3 pairs of wires, red black and blue. The red pair are for the over heat sensor, this should read no more than around 2 ohms.

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