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Kodak picture kiosk 8.1, any way to use any third party printers?


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Hello good day. i am in the possesion of a few old G3 and G4 kodak picture Kiosk's to play around with. 

i just collect old hardware and especially love industrial/commercial solutions. because as a kid i was never allowed to touch it. and now i can touch them all i want LOL.

i've fixed my machine and repaired the KIOSK's software front end to original state for the G4 kiosk. (IBM recovery image was present)

the system is running Kodak picture kiosk 8.1 from what i've seen so far. the hardware itself is a "thinkcentre m58 type 7360".

i also own the big dual printer cabinet it is supposed to sit on. but i do not own a official KODAK printer sadly.

is it possible to *hack* the software to just print to *any* printer?

OR as a alternative. save the print jobs in a specific folder? the printer i have can be setup to print any file it sees on a specified folder. so it could be a bypass if the KPK software cannot be interfaced with 3rd party printers

i own a industial sized office printer which is about as tall as the entire kiosk+stand is so it would be a perfect pair to use the kodak machine as a print job host.

the printer in question is a KYOCERA 3051CI and offers windows XP drivers and software. so the printer is perfectly capable of being used from withing a windows XP environment which is the Kodak Kiosk software.



i understand that running a third party printer defeats the purpose of these machines. but these machines will *never* face commercial or public usage again. and will live inside my tiny world of comercial play toys.

thank you in advance for the advice!





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