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Safety thermostat problem. Noritsu 3704


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I need help. I am having a problem with my Noritsu 3704 machine.  I often encounter safety thermostat error. It occurs mainly in the morning at the startup. CD Solution filter change helps, but only for about 4-6 days and then I have to change the filter again. I can start the machine without changing the filter but in about a week without the new one it will start to not reach the adjusted temperature and I am  How often do you change filters? What could cause this problem? 

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This error can be caused from the CD, BF or last STB, so also check the BF and STB filters.

You can usually back-flush the filters by putting a hose on the bottom of the filter pot, and running water through it. If the water comes out from the filter sides, it means the filter can be used again, but if the water comes out only from the top and bottom, it means the filter is blocked and will need to be replaced.

Maybe your CD tank solution is excessively dirty if the filter is being clogged after around 5 days, if so it will be best to drain the tank and wash everything out and mix a fresh CD tank solution.

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Yeah, sounds like a circulation issue. I would check the inlet of the circulation pump for debris. Residue can easily be sucked in if you're removing the filters with the pumps on. This can be difficult to do without removing the pump, but I've had some success with a syringe/turkey baster type tool to try and suck out the hole where the filter goes.

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