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problem with fuji frontier 570 not starting

jose ricardo

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I recently dismantled the Labo Konica Minolta R2 700 Super for shop work
When installing, I encountered some problems
Including the delivery link with the process and the error link with the process failed.
Knowing that I replaced the caret labo konika R1 and the engine has been running, but it still shows me that the connection error with the processeur and the erreur link with the process process failed
I ask for your help, thank you

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  • Excuse me sir

This error is due to my negligence or my preoccupation with reading the messages you received and searching among them for a solution similar to my problem.
I hope you accept this excuse
I hope once again that you can help me with my problem, based on what I read in your messages

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Hello colleagues, to tell you about the error that I posted,
this is what i did
several cards were changed from another frontier 570
(LDD23,IMAGE CONTROL BOX,PAC23,CTL23) reset ctl23
I no longer have the ignition problem, it was not detected what the specific fault was because it did not turn on
is being monitored
The two frontier 570 mini labs are working
thank you for your help minilab service.

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