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ben salem majid

ben salem majid

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Hello, I recently dismantled the Labo Konica Minolta R2 700 Super for shop work
When installing, I encountered some problems
Including the delivery link with the process and the error link with the process failed.
Knowing that I replaced the caret labo konika R1 and the engine has been running, but it still shows me that the connection error with the processeur and the erreur link with the process process failed
I ask for your help, thank you

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-13 at 16.05.53.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-13 at 16.06.01.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-13 at 16.06.10.jpeg

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Usually when you have "Link with processor failed" error processor control pcb doesn't work properly.

Power OFF minilab. From processor control pcb disconnect all connectors. Leave connected only power supply ( connector RCN5 ) . Power ON minilab. Look at 8 LED indicator on processor control pcb. Tell which LEDs are light and which blink. 8 element indicator and segment numbers can see here :
8 segment indicator.jpg

Write status of these segments ( from 0 to 7 ) .

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You can only change board. To repair this and similar boards need have technical education and big experience to repair electronic equipment. Do not think, that you can repair yourself. I very long time repair minilab electronic, so can repair it. Many times repaired 2870H1500A for this forum members and they all work perfectly. If want I can repair your board also. Write private message, if you need it.

For Konica minilabs I do these jobs :
Can upgrade Konica software. For Konica R2-700 it is version 2.03 
Can enable long print - 491 mm instead of 365 mm.
Can reprogram dongle and there add 13 software options.
Can help convert Ecojet model ( tablet replenishment ) into standard ( liquid replenishment ) 
Can install software on new computer with W10 x86 ( 32 bit ) .

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Glad to see that you solved problem with minilab. When you replaced 2870H1500A set DIP switches ( SW3 and SW4 ) to the same positions, which they were on previous board. For PP-8620TB processor ( R2-700 SQA ) SW3 - all OFF and SW4 - 1 and 2 ON , all others - OFF .

Do you need board, which doesn't work? Can I get it?

To run software need insert USB license dongle.

It is strange, that Windows desktop is empty. You logged in as user KM, so software should work.  Open My computer, C, Program files, rsystem , r1 . There should be file "Phenix.exe" . This file is to run Konica software.

If software works then on desktop make Phenix.exe shortcut. You can use this shortcut to run software.



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