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SP3000 largest size scan. How to set the size.

Sam Wolfe

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To get biggest resolution use big print size. The biggest is 305 x 457 mm. Also need scan film frame format, which the best match CCD ( proportions 1 x 1.33 , 1536 x 2048 pixels ) . Make print size, where proportion is similar with frame proportion.

Impossible to get 8192 x 6144 resolution. Part of CCD is not used. Can see it on mask registration menu. The best CCD can use 6 x 8 frame. They have similar proportion. Even when this film is scanned all sides of CCD not used. This unused area multiplied on 8 ( because scanned in 8 positions ) .  For example when you scan 6 x 4.5 frame you use less than half of CCD. During movement some pixels can match and they will be on the same position. As result they will not multiplied.

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