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How can I get the Konica scanner software?


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Hello! I currently have a Konica Minolta R2 series standalone scanner and I would like to get the software to get it to work. I haven’t found any link or way to get this software yet. I have access to a computer with Windows XP where I plan to download the software. Do I need to request it directly to Konica or is there a link that I can use? How would be the process of connecting everything? (Software, scanner, dongles…) thanks in advance

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Konica scanners are very good. If to scan standard frame ( 135F ) then maximal resolution is 4988 x 7428 . 

Scanner was made by Konica. Konica merged with Minolta. Konica - Minolta long time quite minilab business. All minilabs long time discontinued. So from Konica Minolta you can't get anything.

R2 is minilab ( not scanner ) . To R2 were connected DS-2000E , or DS-2001E scanner. To scan need Konica software ( Phenix ) and USB dongle with license ( for  R2 Super 700 or R2 Super 1000 ) . On dongle can be licenses for optional modules ( there are 12 of them ) .

I have software, updates, dongles and all other to install software on new computer. Software is for Windows 2000, but without any changes it works on XP. I know how to install on W7 x86 PRO , or W10 x86 PRO ( 32 bit systems ) . Also have dongles and there can add any licenses. If have empty dongle - can transfer licenses online. Write private message, if need anything.

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