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05552-00005 Dryer Error


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QSS-3701 05552-00005 Dryer Lane Selection Guide Operation Aaron

hello. As I am posting a film inquiry, I am posting to ask for one more piece of advice. When I turn on the machine and start it up, the symptoms you see every morning during daily setup continue to appear. If you do not press the exit button or leave it on, the paper will get stuck and an error will occur. I've asked many questions, but couldn't find a solution, so I'm asking for advice. Please help. 


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05552-00005 means dryer lane select guide operation error - when dryer selection solenoid 1 is moved to the colorimeter side for automatic colorimetry, the test print is not fed to the colorimeter but output to the print receiving tray (large).

Clean dryer lane select sensor. Calibrate sensor. After that go to output check. Test dryer lane selection solenoids. Look how solenoids and sensor work.

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Thank you for answer. This is a video I shot during daily setup today. If you don't press the first page like that, it won't come out and gets stuck. If it gets stuck, the color meter will come out with a piece of paper and an error message will pop up. If it is successful as shown in the video, it will proceed without any problems.

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