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Fuji SP3000 Red Lines

TTL Ghosty

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Hi all, 

We have a Fuji SP3000 scanner desk. 

When we scan 35mm negatives (only have the 35mm plate carrier and light box), there is a red line appearing on the images (every 4-5 frames scanned).

I've been scanning negs a long time, but primarily with an SP2000 with a different client.

Does anyone have an idea on what could be the cause?

Even the engineers the company use are unaware of what the cause could be.

We don't believe it's the scanner, otherwise it would appear on each frame, rather than every 4-5 of them. 

I've attached an image below showing the issue. Please disregard the dust as this has now been cleared. 

Thanks in advance!


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I think here something with image processing box. Try to run image box test from maintenance menu. Might be can see  what is wrong. 

Test your scanner image box on other SP3000, or test your scanner with other image box. 

If have no possibility to test image box then try to change image processing box RAM modules. Here used old server RAM modules. Can use only few server RAM modules. On RAM module memory chips can be from any maker, but they should have exact architecture and RAM module should have exact controllers.

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