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fuji DL-600 Epson SL-D3000

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Hello, We have a small offset print shop that does some Digital work, It is all toner based Ricoh, Xante, Konica Minolta. We recently acquired a DL-600 and SL-D3000 and would like to get them up and running. They did not come with any computers or software and both need some of the heads replaced.

My question is, what software would be required to get both of these machines up and running? I read on this forum a lot about Ms01 v10 for the Fuji for windows 10 and that we will have to build new pc's for the machines. I have reached out to Fuji about acquiring the software but have not heard back from them. I have not done much research yet on the Epson and was told to get the Software Darkroom for it. I do know that both machines are made by Epson and the DL-650 is a rebranded D3000 6 color and the DL-600 is a 5 color. If there is anyone that could walk me through what all would be needed and point me in the direction to get it, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Epson SL-D3000 DL with sorter and Fuji DL650 are the same. Different only software and used ink cartridges. They both - 6 colors.

DL600 - 5 colors. From print head removed one element. 

Standard SL-D3000 DL software - SL-D3000 system software + Epson Order Controller ( full version )
Standard DL650 software - DL650 system software + MS01 + MSP47 + optional MS software modules
DL600 software - DL600 system software + MS01 + MSP46 + optional MS software modules
DL650 can use SL-D3000 software ( need use Epson ink cartridges ) . Can't do it on DL600.

On SL-D3000, DL650 and DL600 used the same parts. Print head holders are the same. From DL600 removed one printhead element and added plastic.

On printers can print using system software ( print driver ) . Printing the same as on home printer. One more possibility to use print driver + third parties printing interface.

If need more information - write private message. I can help to install.

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