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DE100 PE E-1339


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Problem discussion: I have a DE100 that burned the motherboard due to ink leakage from the nozzle. After replacing it with a new nozzle and motherboard, it still showed an abnormal PE motherboard when I first installed it. After initializing the PE motherboard, it worked normally and used it for about half a month, but then it showed an abnormal PE motherboard. After initializing the PE motherboard again and continuing to use it for another month, it still showed an abnormal PE motherboard. Is it still normal now? What is the problem

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I have the repair manual. The motherboard is brand new, and the fuse of the PE motherboard is not blown. You did not understand my problem. It prompted E-1339. After initializing the data of the PE motherboard, it can still be used, but after a period of time, it prompted E-1339,

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On 4/30/2024 at 9:16 AM, liwen3410 said:

The motherboard has recently been replaced with a brand new one, and the machine is quite old. It was produced in Japan around 2018,

I don't understand, you changed the motherboard and head kit, as the manufacturer warns in the service manual.



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