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konica r2 the head is not calibrated


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Hello everyone. please tell me what the problem is? konica r2 when setting up the head, it gives the following message

correction being calculated. please wait for a while. please retry to set the chart and input again.


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Might be scanner doesn't work, dirty test print, or test print has gaps, which can't be corrected.

Try to scan test print using standard scanner interface ( not from software ) . If scanner doesn't work, or scans incorrectly test scanner on other computer, try re-install it ( on Windows ) .

If scanner works then some problem with printed test print.

If test print is a little dirty - make new test print.
Also can try to clean test print using wet sponge ( carefully, do not scratch ) . After cleaning wait until print dries and try to scan again.
To have clean prints need well clean processor. Might be need replace few rollers.

Also you can have error, if your chemicals are bad and test print is not developed correctly.   Try to print some test print. Look at the black color. Might be it is blue. Then into CD replenishment tank need add developer. Look do you have good white. If not - might be weak BF, or dirty CD.
The best is to run control strip. Then you see how good are your chemicals. If chemicals are bad the best is to change chemicals. After that on Konica software menu check replenishment rates and calibrate replenishment pumps.

If on print you have white gaps then here is problem with print head. Few head elements do not print and software can't do anything. 
Try to restore backups ( factory, maintenance and setup ) , which you did when everything worked well ( prints had uniformity ) . Then try to print again. If still have gaps and they are on the same positions then print head is faulty.

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