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Noritsu S2 - LED Light Source Uneven / Possible LED Burnout.

Nash Blight

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Recently encountered the "Light Source evenness out of acceptable range" error on out Noritsu S2, along with noticing a harsh yellow streak across our scans for that day. Followed all the steps for cleaning the light source, ran multiple light source updates, but still experiencing the same error. Took the LED Light Source unit apart and found a small dark spot on what I believe is the units LED strips, so unfortunately I think a couple of the diodes have burnt out. Believe this lines up with streak on our scans but a bit hard to tell with the way the light bounces through the lenses and glass in the unit. Was hoping to get some other opinions / confirmation before we try and source a replacement.

Attached is a photo of the LED unit and a sample scan. 


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Use very complicated formula, or just open Noritsu day password calculator. There are versions for Windows and Android.
Tomorrow password will be 6557. I changed date, opened password calculator and see it.

How to calculate password can read here :
Version for Android can find on Google Play. 

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Go to this menu again and after that remove film carrier. Then on screen you can see whole LED unit.

Blue LED is faulty. Here faulty LED and nothing else. Part of Blue LED is burned.

IR is missing at all. Here can be faulty IR LED, doesn't work IR LED control circuit, or faulty  scanner internal board ( where connected LVDS ) . Remove film carrier. Then select "IR on" . After that will be only IR light. Look through mobile camera at LED glass. There should see light ( some red - brown color ) . Try select "All off" and return to "IR on" ( to make sure IR LED works, or not ) .

Green and Red are not ideal, but acceptable. Green LED works at maximum ( 255 ) , but uniformity still good. Red value quite high ( 207 ) , but it works .

To have your scanner working you need other LED unit. Can send LED unit to refurbish ( add new LEDs ) , buy new LED unit. You can buy used LED unit, but before purchase ask to send screenshot with curves.

If you from LED see IR light, but IR curve missing on screen then scanner internal board doesn't work. This board is very expensive. Noritsu doesn't sell this board separately ( can buy only with scanner unit ) , so can buy only used board.

Board is very expensive. If faulty board and LED unit then will be cheaper to buy other S2, or S3 and connect it to your S1700SA .

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Posted (edited)

Ran the test again this morning without the carrier. Attached is a photo of the Sensitivity Check with no carrier, one with just the IR on, and what I was able to see with my phones camera right against the glass. 



tests 3rd may.jpg

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If we do need to replace the LED Unit, would these work ? they are for the later model scanners but we a re struggling to find anything else.

Brand new Noritsu LED light source Z026386-01 for HS-1800/S4 film scanner:


Used Noritsu LED light source Z026386-01 for HS-1800/S4 film scanner:





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Your IR works. You see IR light. Board is working. Now see IR curve on screen. IR LED is weak, but it is not a problem.

Yes, need replace LED unit.
G and IR are weak ( because already work at maximum - 255 ) , but still work good ( you have good uniformity ) . 
Blue has not uniformity and you see it. One Blue LED section doesn't work ( burned LEDs ) . Where Blue curve goes down there on scanned images you see Yellow color.

You can't use S4 LED units on S2. They are different. Can use only LED units for S2 and S3. LED unit can be various ( type 0, 1, 2, or 3 ) . Your S2 has Type 2 LED unit ( see it on your screenshot ) . On your scanner you can use Type 2 and Type 3. To use Type 3 need other cable ( or can modify Type 2 cable ) .

Type 2 - Z022937 or Z024047
Type 3 - Z023407 or Z024048 
LED light source kit 3A ( Light source + cable ) - Z024769 ( to upgrade scanner with Type 2 into Type 3 ) 

You can buy factory refurbished LED unit type 3 . Cable is not necessary. Just need on Type 2 cable remove jumper and add jumpers on different pins. Might be need to return not working LED unit. Not sure how it is now, but before to get repaired part from Noritsu had to return not working part. Parts with $1 at the end are factory refurbished. One more option is send LED unit to repair ( to Ukraine, or China ) . These options cost about 1000 USD.
Of course you can buy new LED unit, or LED light source kit 3A , but they are very expensive ( about 5000 USD ) .

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