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ARCNET communication error.Processor

Tun Nay Lin

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You have Fuji LP7700. It is green painted Noritsu QSS3704F.

You have three errors :
6901-9 ( on new software 6901-
00009 ) means ARCNET communication error with Processor control PCB ( 6901-00008 ) and Printer control PCB ( 6901-00008 ) .
6901-512 ( on new software 6901-00512 ) means ARCNET communication error with Laser control PCB .

Your printer ARCNET connection is unstable. From Windows Start menu run Fuji Printer ( Noritsu maintenance software ) . Then enter service mode ( use standard Noritsu password - 2260 ) . Go to self diagnostic menu. There run ARCNET diagnostic.

You have no ARCNET connection with all printer boards. Often see it when have ARCNET noise. One by one try disconnect ARCNET from boards until find what causes this noise.
Try from processor control board disconnect ARCNET cables. Then try to run ARCNET test. You should have good connection with all boards except processor board ( because it is disconnected ) .
If still do not have communication with all boards - disconnect ARCNET from laser control pcb. Then run test software. Now should be good ARCNET with printer board. Errors should be on processor and laser ( because they disconnected ) .
ARCNET from I/F board goes to printer control pcb. First you have good ARCNET connection between them. When have - connect back ARCNET on laser control pcb. When no ARCNET errors - connect back ARCNET on processor control pcb.

When connection is bad need trim ARCNET cable ends and clean sensors. How to do it can find on Norisu forum :

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