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Issues with my s1700


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Hey! So finally getting this thing running but the scans are showing these pink lines throughout the images. I went into the menu to make sure the connections were working and it looks like they are. What could it be??


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21 minutes ago, Minilab service said:

Here software version check menu. Do not need it.

Need Self diagnostic and sensitivity check menu. To access them need enter service mode.

Oh okay, I’ll be at the lab in a few hours and I’ll check that and post. Thank you!

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Looks like LEDs are not bad. Your screenshots are bad and I can't see LEDs values. Uniformity is good.

On self check see that Digital ice board doesn't work properly. Do you have digital masking ? If you have digital masking - remove it. Need from digital ICE board remove all modules and RAM. Then test without them. You can scan without these modules. Digital ICE work and digital masking - not.

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