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E2504 Fan

Rohit Singh

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Is here LP2000SC printer ( Frontier 370, or Frontier 375 ) ?

E2504 means AOM driver cooling fan malfunction. Look if fans F591, F592, F593 are connected and rotates. Can be missing fan power supply ( 24V between pin 1 and pin 2 ) , fan doesn't rotate, doesn't work rotation sensor ( connector pin 3 ) , or not working boards.

First remove printer rear cover and look fans rotate, or not ( F591, F592, F593 ) . If fan doesn't rotate then look do you have 24V ( between pin 1 and pin 2 - fan connector ) . Then can say something else.

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If fans rotate then check rotation sensors. When fan rotates on fan connector between pin2 and pin3 should be about 0V.

It is hard to say why your printer doesn't start. first check power suppliers. Might be some voltage missing from power supply, or burned fuse.

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