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Frontier 34 turns off by itself and when you start it again it makes 2 beeps and the system does not start


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Good morning friends, I have a Fuji Frontier 340 when we are working it is starting to turn off by itself and when I try to turn it on it starts the heaters, turns on the CPU and then you hear 2 beeps and the system does not start, has someone passed by can you tell me if there is a solution A technician from Ecuador told me that it could be the fan, I already blew it, we cleaned the dust and it didn't happen to me anymore but again it started to turn off by itself, if you can help me I would be very grateful. Greetings from Ecuador
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Is your computer FC7011, or some older model? Can your computer start, if to press computer power button? If not - might be faulty RAM, or motherboard. Test computer without minilab. Just connect mouse, keyboard, monitor and test it. Computer should boot. You should see Windows. Fuji software will load also.

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