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Hardware key

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Countermeasure message Select Power OFF via FUNCTION in Close Down Checks. After that, turn OFF the circuit breaker and check the connecting condition of Hardware Key. For details, refer to the manual. Alarm release NO Error message release The error message cannot be released. Reserve the error with F: Reserve button and carry out the Close Down Checks. Turn the Power OFF via FUNCTION in Close Down Checks. IMPORTANT The error message of error No.6920 appears only for QSS-3300 PRO

When starting up QSS-3300 PRO System Program, Hardware Key was not detected. The Hardware Key was not detected when the Start key was pressed on Net Order Display. 1 Check that the Hardware Key is attached to the parallel port in position.


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Here is not Capacity Booster key. Here key to run QSS3300 PRO system software.

QSS3300 PRO can be used without key. Error see during software startup and each time when enter into maintenance menu. Just need cancel error and can continue to work. Also can't enter net order mode. If can accept all that - can work without key.

If have key, but it doesn't work then need check key connection, LPT settings and re-install Sentinel software.

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