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Need help Fuji SP3000 Scanner cannot receive carrier.

Khoi Huynh

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Hello everyone, I am a Fuji Frontier SP3000 user in Asia
My SP3000 scanner lost its PC's power source. After replacing it with another power source and restarting it, the scanning software did not start automatically as usual.

I have to start using the BIN folder to run the Ezmain file, but when I start the scanning software, the scanner does not recognize the carrier (red light).
And a message appears (with an error font) that I can't read.
I tried to ghost again from the old ghost version, but the situation is still the same (cannot run the software automatically when starting windows).

Really appreciate it if anyone can help me with this situation.



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What is scanner system software version? To see version on main window need to press "i" symbol. There would be A1, or S1 and version number.

Do you see scanner correctly on Windows device manager? Driver leaded correctly? Do not see question mark, or exclamation mark ?

Do you have backup? If yes - insert other HD, make recovery and install system software ( better the same version, which is now ) . During instillation load backups. Test scanner after that. 

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Thanks for replying me.
The scanner's current software is S1
I still see device for scanner on Windows device manager.
However, the software does not start automatically like at first.
There is no question that the software indicates the need to recalibrate the mask
I have backed up data with ghost files, but after backing up the data to another HD hard drive to boot, it still doesn't work.


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If you have blue screen then here problem with Windows. Your computer doesn't see bootable device. Computer should boot from HD. Might be image file was created wrong, or image restored incorrectly. 

Check boot priority settings on BIOS. Make HD recovery ( use recovery CDs ) , upgrade Windows ( use upgrade CD ) and install system software ( the same version, which was before ) . During software instillation load backup. After that test scanner. It should work. 

If scanner works - install all other software ( connection with server module and optional modules ) .

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