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Qss 3203sd pro

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6021-0005 means paper remains in the printer section - the exposure start sensor ( SE14 ) is dark. 

Clean sensor. Test sensor on input check menu. Check sensor connections.

Check power suppliers on sensor connectors +5V on J/P390 pin 1 and on J/P391 pin 3 . 

Look do you see infrared light ( can see through mobile phone camera ) .

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Why you converted picture to pdf? Now we have download fie, open it, look what is there, close file and after that delete. Upload picture ( not pdf ) . Then we can see it.

Why you uploaded menu, where is not exposure start sensor ( SE14 ) ? What we should see here ? Exposure start sensor ( SE14 ) is on input check of exposure advance unit. You uploaded input check for paper supply section.

Do not need upload anything. You can see sensor status is Light, or Dark. Open input check of exposure advance unit. There look exposure start sensor status. When no paper it should be "Light" and when sensor closed status should be Dark.

If no paper, but status is dark then clean sensor and check sensor power supply. If all good - try calibrate sensor and test again.


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