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Fuji Frontier 370 Chemical mixing.


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Hi Hope you are all well. I am having a problem with Frontier 370 when mixing new batch of chemicals. The machine isn't topping up the P1R with water or spaying the chemical catridge with water for the P1R, P2RA or P2RB after draining chemicals out of the Replenisher Cartrige. Errror comes up replenisher unit. I have replaced the Solenoid Valve (S720,S722,S724,S726),but the issue still remains. I assume it may be the circuit board that drives these solenoids. I am not sure which curcuit board this would be. Any help would be greatly appreciate. Thanks 

Solenoid Valve.jpg

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S720,S722,S724,S726 are P1 to PS4 front side rack auto washing valves. All these valves and auto washing pump PU740 connected to CTP20 board ( connector CTP9 ) .
S721/S723/S725/S727 are P1 to PS4 rear side rack auto washing valves. All these valves connected to CTP20 board ( connector CTP8 ) .
Do not know, why you wrote about them.

On your picture - valves S740, S741, S742, S743 .
P1-R, P2-RA and P2-RB cartridge washing valves are S740, S741, S742.
P1-R stirring valve is S743.
All these valves connected to CTP20 board ( connector CTP10 ) .

Replenishment system can see on Fuji 370 service manual ( 21-1 ) , or Fuji 375 service manual ( 16-1 ) .
Circuit diagram - figure 41 .
Replenishment cartridge washing valve diagnostic diagram - 7.3.20

Look do you see 24VCP5 power supply. It is connected to all valves ( valve power supply ) .
Valves controls CTP20 board . When other valve contact connects to ground then valve is enabled.

Check valve power supply. On any valve can measure between valve connector and minilab ground.
If have power supply then go to output check menu. Enable valve. Then measure voltage between valve contacts. When enabled between valve connector contacts should be 24 V .



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Posted (edited)

Awesome, thankyou for your reply. I will also check Pump PU740 is working.

Have a great day. The rack auto washing  is working , so those valves are opening. As auto rack washing is working, this must mean pump PU740 is also working if it is comected to both auto washing rack valves and cartridge washing valves.

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