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Marks on Negatives (135&120)


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Hi There!

I am having an issue where practically all of my 35mm and 120 films that pass through our Fuji FP 232B Minilab are coming out with this mark on the emulsion side.

It is able to be cleaned off by feeding it through our V30's 6th and 7th channels as a method of washing the negative post development but obviously this is quite laborious. 

Does anyone have any insight as to what this might be? 


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How many rolls of film do you develop?
How many of those are 120?

What kind of chemistry are you using?

How are your leader cards looking? Are they damaged? How's your machine? Is it in good shape, is everything running right?
Are there sounds (hits, clunks) coming from your processor while it's running?

Please describe your process in as much detail as possible.


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