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Noritsu HS-1800 A: 135/240 AFC-II — Calibration + Scan Area Problem


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Hey everyone. I have a problem with scanning 35mm film on my Noritsu. A few weeks ago it started producing this white area on the bottom of each frame and when inserting my 135/240 AFC-II mask it always shows me this error message (No. 06332-00005) when trying to calibrate the mask and even after cleaning the whole mask multiple times the warning that there may be dust inside the opening of the AFC (No. 01320-00000). I was in contact with the Noritsu Hotline of Germany and the guy proposed that the problem could lie in the two black flags that slightly cover the opening and that I should bend the spring that moves the two black pieces in such a way that it hooks one of them and therefore opens the scan area completely again. This whole mechanism is located on the underside of the mask when you remove the scan-magnifying glass.

I’m a little afraid to do that because I don’t want to damage the unit in any way.

Does anyone have any idea where to problem could’ve originated? Really thankful for any hint or idea and happy to provide more info and images if needed! Thank everyone!


noritsu-hs-1800-a-135-240-afc-ii-problem-v0-dayefnqrxs0d1 Kopie.jpg


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Don't follow this stupid advice. You cannot deform anything in the mask.
Usually the problem is this:
When switching from format 135 to format 240 and back, the moving part of the mask is fixed by a lever that fits into a sleeve with an elliptical hole at the bottom. Sometimes this bushing rotates and the moving part of the mask does not reach the correct position. Therefore, a white stripe appears at the bottom of the frame.

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1 hour ago, kodak_service said:

Sometimes this bushing rotates and the moving part of the mask does not reach the correct position.

Good call! Sadly I checked and the pin fits right into the hole in both 135 and the 240 position. But I had the same feeling, that somehow the whole mask should be a little farther back.


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Thank you Dave – that would make a lot of sense. Do you know if there is a way for me to manipulate the solenoid plunger in a way in which the "resting" position (non-panoramic position) moves the panoramic flaps completely out of the way? 

Because the way I understand it, the solenoid plunger should be extended a little more in the "normal" position right?

Thank you!!

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The normal resting position of the solenoid is what is shown on my photo.
It is sprung so it should return back to this position.
What may have happened is the leaver is not located into the correct position underneath the slide unit.
Try removing the screws circled in red, and slightly lift the whole section up, while moving the plunger of the solenoid to the out position, refit the screws.


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