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Noritsu v30 crystals on film


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I have a problem and need help with my mini lab Noritsu V30.

it seems that there are crystals ont the film when it it’s developed and I can’t find the source of the problem.

there are some stripes with a lot of dots on the negative that I think are crystals.

i took everything out and cleaned the rollers, the racks and the turn guides but there is still this problem. I even changed the chemicals for fresh ones.

It seems that it happens when I take a break and don’t use the machine for a few minutes, so I thought it was crystals forming on the rollers because they are not submerged il the chemicals… 

Also, when the film is thin (not well exposed), it looks like the last picture (portait). The density of the film isn’t equal.

How can I repair this problem?

Any recommendation?






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How many films do you develop per day?

I would also have filled the tanks with water and let them spin for a few minutes. You try emptying the replenishment tanks and you check if the integration pumps wrok well with a becher via software.


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